There comes a time in every young parent’s life when they must allow their child to explore the world outside of the family unit, and it can be quite challenging to find the right kindergarten school for a child. If the time is fast approaching for your child to begin to explore the world around them, here is a guide to help you select the right early learning program.

  • Look for an Established Kindergarten School – You simply cannot afford to take a chance with your child’s first experiences at school, and should the child develop a dislike for learning, this could seriously hamper them as they progress through the grades. All it takes is one strict teacher and your child could easily become unhappy at school, so look for a school that offers a fun-based curriculum.
  • Check out Parent Reviews – When browsing kindergarten schools, look for parent reviews, as this is a great indication of the school in general and how the parents feel about the institution. If, for example, you are looking for a good kindergarten in Bangkok, the first step would be an online search, then after some browsing, you can make a shortlist of schools to visit.
  • Taking a Tour of the School – This is an essential aspect of choosing a suitable early learning program, and if you book the tour via the school’s website, they would be happy to take you around. While at the school, you can ask the principal questions about the school’s direction and curriculum that they use, while also observing some of the activities, which is a great way to see how the teachers handle the groups.
  • Fun-Based Activities – It is essential that young children learn through play, art and physical activities that are both engaging and fun, and they certainly should not be engaging in any academic learning at such a young age. There is time enough for traditional classroom teaching when the kids enter grade 1, so anything in kindergarten needs to be based around fun things to do.
  • Locality – It is important that your child doesn’t spend too much time travelling to and from school at this stage of their development, so bear this in mind when looking for suitable schools. Ideally, the kindergarten school should be no further than 20-30 minutes driving from your home, and the closer, the better.
  • Essential Social Skills – One of the main goals of any early learning program should be to help the kids develop essential social skills that will enable them to interact in an appropriate manner. If you are checking out schools online, make a point of reading their vision and mission statements, as these should include important information about the school’s values and ideals.

All of the above should help you to make the right choice of kindergarten, and by taking your time, you should have no problems making the right choice and helping your child to safely explore the world around them.