How Well-Rounded Teachers Make the Difference at Elevations RTC

The role of a teacher in any school setting is essential. At Elevations RTC, it goes beyond the classroom. Teachers are relied upon to do so much more than in a typical school, and that is why only the best get the opportunity to work for the residential treatment center.

How is Elevations RTC able to bring in quality teachers capable of handling all types of situations that can pop up? By offering a unique setting with new challenges along the way, teaching is a new type of challenge every single day. The rewarding aspect of seeing significant changes with each student from the beginning of the year keeps teachers invested and around in the Elevations community.

Experience Matters

Families can be confident that they are getting an experienced staff around their child during their entire stay. The teachers at Elevations RTC have either worked with the program for a while or moved over after working a similar position elsewhere. It takes more than a standard teaching certificate to excel in this type of setting. Teachers must know what to look for, have patience, and excellent communication skills with others to form a strong team bond.

The job of a teacher is around-the-clock, especially with students living on campus. If students have a problem in the classroom, they can get the assistance they need with a special one-on-one meeting with the teacher after school. There is study time and free time availability, and teachers are more than accommodating enough.

The lazy way to create a residential treatment center is to act as though the same type of solutions can work for every single type of teenager. However, that is a poor way to get through to students in need. Experience allows teachers to identify issues faster, come up with solutions faster, and make changes on the fly.

A high retention rate at Elevations RTC shows that teachers feel rewarded while working with new students every year on campus. Some of the teachers have over 20 years of experience.

Teacher Specialization

With the curriculum in place, teachers can specialize in certain subjects so that they can provide the best education possible for students. Too many residential treatment centers try to spread their teachers a little too thinly, and it has been shown that it is not always the best for teenagers to only have one or two teachers throughout the day. Hearing from different voices gives students a much more well-rounded education, and they can start to feel comfortable as time goes on with those relationships.

From a teacher‘s perspective, specialization allows for a much more tailored time with students. Too many teachers complain about not having enough opportunity to focus on every subject when asked to do so much. It ultimately hurts the student, and teachers can start to become very frustrated. All in all, it is not a favorable situation.

With specialization, it makes after-hours help that much easier as well. During study time or planned meetings, teenagers know exactly who to talk to for the help they need. Having experts in a variety of subjects helps in the long term. The teachers do not need to be briefed on what is going on, since they know what occurs in class.

Learning Outside the Classroom

With a relatively small campus setting, teachers get the opportunity to learn about their students and help them out beyond the classroom. Whether it is around campus, in group settings, during activities, or anything else, a more personal relationship is beneficial for all.

Teachers can give detailed reports and tailor exactly what might work best for students to overcome what they are dealing with. With limited time in a traditional school setting, it can be very difficult for teachers to develop some type of plan that actually works. Within just a short amount of time, teachers at Elevations RTC can give thorough reports on how things are going to fellow teachers, as well as families back home.

There are a few things as rewarding as seeing a teenager find something passionate about while on campus. This can be a particular subject in school, an activity, or some type of skill they have learned in a group setting. Since teachers participate in many of the groups on campus, it is an opportunity to explore what speaks to certain individuals out there.

How Students Benefit

Ultimately, it all comes down to how students benefit from the setup at Elevations RTC. Teenagers who get an opportunity to work with accredited teachers. A curriculum that is proven to be successful means that teenagers do not have to waste time seeing breakthroughs. With faster results, it becomes much more motivating to see just how much of a change can happen in a short amount of time.

Not all students work at the same pace, which is where smaller class sizes come in handy. Students can get individual attention, and families even have the opportunity to talk to teachers to see where their child stands. It can be very nerve-racking for parents to send their children off to campus, sometimes very far away from home. An open dialogue with teachers who spend every day with their children can ease any anxiety.

All in all, the setup on campus at Elevations RTC makes life easier for all involved. A well-rounded staff makes everything operate smoothly, and families know their child is in good hands from the moment they step foot on campus.