Similarly to other professions, teachers have responsibilities outside of their time in the classroom. Whether that be a family of their own to love and take care of, or a long list of hobbies that they participate in, there are always tradeoffs that must be made in order to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Not only does this ensure that these teachers are feeling fulfilled outside of their work responsibilities, but also that their students will be receiving the best version of their teachers and thus receiving better instruction. Failure to find this balance can all but guarantee burnout, which in turn will limit the amount of impact a student will find throughout their school year. Understanding this, many teachers have begun practicing self-care methods to maintain their health and continue operating at maximum capacity. With limited resources at work, many teachers resort to a walk during a stressful school day, which has been known to relieve some of their troubles. Though this method may be seen as basic, there are plenty more to incorporate and practice in your day to day life. Be sure to see the resource included alongside this post for more of those techniques.

Teacher Self-Care 101

Check out Teacher Self-Care 101, provided by Curriculum Associates; an organization specializing in formative assessment strategies.