Why Learning Japanese is a Great Idea

Japan is a country that showcases a mix of contemporary cities and technology with ancient crafts and traditions. And although anyone will want to visit this magical city, its vibrant and different environment can make you feel overwhelmed. If you are interested in understanding Japan and appreciate the unique way of life of the Japanese, you must learn their language. Below are some of the reasons to learn Japanese:

Know your Way Around the Country

Learning Japanese is difficult due to its writing system that combines kanji with two different forms of Japanese writing. But, you can easily learn Japanese grammar, understand pronunciation rules and master Japanese alphabets. Although you might not understand everything written in kanji, you can understand simple terms that will help you explore the city with some ease.

Take on a Fun Challenge

Delving deeper into Japanese is quite challenging but rewarding as it exposes you to various ways of communicating and thinking. The language is bound to the social context it’s utilized in. Japanese pays attention to the person they are talking to with a richer variety of formal vs informal, polite vs plain, and other language forms used depending on the conversation’s context.

In terms of learning Japanese by attending Japanese classes, the most obvious challenge is probably the fact that there are a lot of kanji characters you must learn to be fluent. It will surely take time and some people enjoy learning the logic and order to re-making the intricate characters. However, Japanese is an interesting and rich language which makes learning it quite rewarding.

Advance your Career

The economic growth and reputation for technological innovation of Japan continue to surge which makes it a great place to aim a career towards. While China still holds the top spot in terms of such growth that makes Mandarin a logical language to learn for people who are investing in their future, remember that Japan is the third biggest global economy. Also, it is one of the world’s most technologically innovative places. Plus there are more than 100 million Japanese speakers, which means that you will always have some people to speak with.

Appreciate the Poetic Nature of Japanese

Despite the Japanese’ reputation for ultra-modernity, Japan keeps a strong connection to its roots. Japanese celebrates cherry blossoms in spring and the color transformation of their mountains in autumn. They observe ancient festivals and religious rituals with joy and sincerity. The poetic nature of Japanese depicts this tradition but you can only deeply understand it when you learn Japanese.